The Special Snowflake Report: Vampires in Their Own Words

I really enjoyed this post. It’s a book review meant to be scathing but it was so funny, I actually want to read the book just to see how bad it was. Joanna freely admits she “was skimming hardcore”. I haven’t laughed so hard since RobPat revealed he sparkles. If you didn’t get that, good for you! That’s two hours of time you haven’t wasted. Viva la vampires!

The Special Snowflake Report: Vampires in Their Own Words.

Downloading a copy of your FB account

So I have a bit of time to kill before my Hubby gets home and I was reading up on how to stay safe while browsing online and one of the posts mentioned that Facebook actually has a function that allows you to download a copy of your account that includes everything you have ever posted. That just wrinkled my brain so of course, I had to go and find out and sure enough, it has your entire history including friends you have unfriended. What?! Not sure I want to remember that.

Check the link below for a list of everything your copy of your account will include.

Accessing Your Facebook Data | Facebook Help Center.

I am not sure why but I don’t think I am happy about the information they keep on me…and you, of course, if you have a FB account. I think I need to reflect on why I feel the need to have an account if I never post on it or interact with many people. All those notifications are irritating, as is the “We missed you” mails reminding me that I haven’t logged on in 5 whole minutes.

I would love to hear from you if you have any thoughts on the above. Just use the contact form below.

If you would like to download a copy of your FB account, login and go to Settings>General/General Account Settings>Download a copy of your Facebook data.

Manifesto for a Happy Marriage – 12 Ways to Make Your Love Last

You can write your own love story and it can be beautiful, even if the curtains are dusty and the plates are chipped.

via Manifesto for a Happy Marriage – 12 Ways to Make Your Love Last.

That sentence appeals to me so much, maybe because my curtains are a bit dusty and I have have chipped a few plates just this weekend but I still had a wonderful time anyway with my amazing, affectionate husband. And we didn’t even go anywhere. 🙂

I am a wise and courageous woman

I am a wise and courageous woman

I am a brave and confidant woman

I am connected to all the women who came before me and all the women who are

I am connected to all the women who will never be and all the women who are still to come after me

My pain is their pain and their pain is my pain

My strength is their strength and their strength is my strength

Their wisdom echoes through my soul and their words whisper in my heart

I wrap their comfort around me for armour and use their knowledge as my shield

My sisters are my army and my fire is my sword

I am darkness and death and I am love and light

I am a Wild Woman and no man will tame me

Thukela in Trouble

Midlands Conservancies Forum

Many people are concerned about the state of our water resources and rivers.  Judy Bell wrote this article after reading about the discussions at a recent Thukela River’s Simunye Environmental Forum meeting. They should be a wake-up call for us all.

There is a concern that this years’ flow has been the worst experienced in recent years, which is a problem as the Bulk Water Abstraction hasn’t even started yet. The River reserve is 6 cubic metres per second (cumecs) and the river level came down to 5.4 cumecs in September. Concerns were raised that there are a lot of developments coming in and these figures are worrying.  Also noted was the fact that Sappi Tugela Mill’s water abstraction rate is below 35Ml and decreasing – as they are continuously optimising processes; and that there is an off-take of ±7 cumecs for municipal use.

r tugela river Thukela River from the N3

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